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Sunt quidam interesting fabrics and textures in this season, and right now it’s all about velvet. Velvet is back. It has said that “Sequebatur autem novi holoserica” and I have to agree. Now, velvet is truly the soft fabric of our nice lives. From the office to your next party, let it as style inspiration. How can we wear velvet in our daily life? The answer is according to your feelings.
A summo holoserica, Addendo finita vindemia nostris consolatione quotidie vultus horrore significans. Potest quod animis nostris vel fortuita outfits. A holoserica habitu et fac nos gracili ac parum pudici, sive eligere, aut pavida sonipedes neckline a basic praetermisissent habitu. A holoserica blazer adiungit style publica et ad arbitrium boni OL. Commune loricas sicut tunicas, fortuita aspectu omnes conveniant. holoserica braccas are indeed the retro pieces. The wide-leg, tights leggings are the fashion items. With velvet, they may be cool. Are you tall? Try velvet flare pants and choose a bold color that you can go to street fashion week. holoserica calceamenta, amet nisi non possumus uti ad eos denim addidit mirabilem contra illas. Ut possit omnes et braccas et barbara matched. Scilicet, holoserica forcia is necessary. A velvet purse, a velvet choker can be the finishing touch for final look.
Now, let's have a look of velvet pieces. Ready to shop or find them in your wardrobe, for the next festival party.
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via Pinterest Plush pink velvet shirt
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via fashionista It's an elegant matching outfits.
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